The National Company for Fisheries and Aquaculture

The National Company for Fisheries and Aquaculture was established as an Egyptian joint-stock company pursuant to the provisions of law No. 8 of the year 1997 “Issuing Guarantees and Investment Incentives” and its implementing regulations. Its main data was registered in decree no. (20/11/14/21) of the year 2014 issued by the Prime Minister

2- The company owns and runs mega projects for fish farming (fish farms (land tanks- marine cages) – packaging, wrapping, and fish processing plants – ice – foam – fish powder) marine fish hatchery – research and development center and a laboratory for water and fish quality) – marine fishing fleet – commercial fishing lakes

Company’s licensed activities as per investment and commercial register form

  • Establishing fish farms and fishing in seas, lakes and rivers
  • Establishing, operating and running plants for manufacturing the following
    • Packaging, wrapping and processing fish, aquaculture and its products
    • All kinds of feed
    • Fishing boats and vessels with different types and weights
    • Icing
    • Wrapping and packaging materials
    • Recycling fish wastes and producing fish powder
    • Fishing tools and equipment
  • Establishing and operating refrigerators for preserving, cooling and freezing food materials
  • Overseas marine transportation that includes transporting of raw materials, goods and passengers
  • Building and operating fixed touristic restaurants for offering sea food
  • Providing shops for marketing the selling and trading of fish and aquaculture products
  • Importing, exporting and commercial agency
  • Public trade in all what is legally permitted