Inaugurated on 27th of November 2018

  • Developing (4) lake harbors (removing obstacles – improving buildings – new establishments)
  • Cleansing inlets and creating radio canals to develop and improve the lake
  • Improving lake’s aqua characteristics and raising its production by 100%
  • Establishing sorting and exporting hall
  • Establishing a desalination station to serve fishermen in the lake with capacity of 600 cubic meter/ day
  • Establishing ice plant (crushed ice line (40) tons / day – ice blocks line (20) tons / day)
  • Establishing foam plant with a production capacity of (900: 1500) kg / day

Hatchery (fish – shrimp)

  • With a capacity of (20) Millions marine fish fingerling – With a capacity of (2) Billions caridea shrimp

Marine fish production Farm

  • 454 basins for farming and fattening, 156 basins for hatching with a capacity of 3000 tons of fish and shrimp

Feed Plant

  • With a capacity of (120000) tons annually

Fish production, packaging and wrapping plant

  • With a capacity of 100 tons per day

Central laboratories

  • Measuring water and feed quality and fish health

Inaugurated on 23rd of January 2021-01-23

Fish Production Farm

  • 5908 land maritime fish basins,(shrimp – seabream – sea bass – mullet - Tobar - Snapper – Spinefoot – Stanly), including (332) freash water basins (Tilabia – NilePerch – catfish), with a production capacity of more than (13.000) tons of fish and shrimp annually

Administrative area

  • Farm headquarters which include (36) offices, a conference room, and an auditorium)
  • Residential building with a capacity for (150) persons

Ice Plant

  • With a production capacity of (20) tons of crushed ice and (20) tons of ice blocks daily

Sorting and Packaging Plant

  • With a production capacity of (8) tons/day (5 tons of shrimp – 3 tons of fish)

Desalination Plant

  • With a capacity of 750 cubic meters/ day

Feed Warehouses Complex

  • 6 warehouses with a production capacity of (6000) tons of variant feed

(37) Houses for the fishermen next to the tanks

  • Each house can accommodate (56) persons, with a feed warehouse inside up to half a ton

Al-Fayrouz Central Labs complex

  • Measuring the quality of water, feed, and fish health

Inaugurated on 23rd of January 2021

  • An eastern lake (425) acres of water – western lake (5772) acres of water – (2) inlets with an area of (3) acres
  • Production capacity of (4000) tons of maritime fish yearly
  • (50) Fishing boats with a length of (7) meters are working on fishing on eastern/ western Fayrouz lakes; it is expected to be increased to (65) boats
  • (3) Releasing station are expected to be established along the western lake

Inaugurated on 23rd of January 2021-03-30

  • This project is the first of its kind in The Arab Republic of Egypt. It includes:
    1. (100) Maritime cages with a production capacity of (2000) tons of seabream - sea bass/ 20 tons per cage
    2. The Cage's diameter is 20m, and its depth is (8-12m)
    3. Fixation is conducted 14 kilometers away from the shore in groups, each group contains (4) maritime cage
    4. Logistics zone for serving the cages. It contains freezing refrigerators with a capacity of (125) tons, a feed warehouse with a capacity of (1000) tons, administrative and residential areas, and a yard for cleaning the fish nets

Inaugurated on 23rd of January 2021

  • The project is located on the east of Port Said city, in Mosalas Al-Diba area, and overlooks the Mediterranean Sea at the mark of 21km on Port Said-Damietta International Coastal Road
  • The project is resembled in a fish farm over an area of (207) acres
  • The project consists of (72) basins, an administrative area that include (an administrative building and residential area for workers – a mosque – sorting and packaging hall with a capacity of (5) tons of fish/ day (3 tons of shrimp – 2 tons of fish) – freezing refrigerators with a capacity of (75) tons – (1) irrigation station – and (1) sewage plant
  • A productivity capacity of (200) tons of shrimp/ cycle

The main structure of the fleet was established in 2017, and was inaugurated on 23rd of January 2021

  • (46) Fishing boats (with 24 meters length) equipped with trawling craft
  • (3) Coastal fishing boats
  • (4) Modern fishing (trawling) boats (with 45 meters length) equipped with freezing tunnels
  • (1) "Shanshola" Fishing boat used in Tuna fishing
  • The construction of modern fishing boats is in progress, as the company's fishing fleet increased to include (100) modern fishing boats with a (24) meters length or more, and other fishing crafts (Shanshola)
  • Shipyard in "Al Fayrouz Farms Area" east of the New Suez Canal. With the following characteristics:
    1. 60 Meters x 120 meters by the project's main inlet
    2. accommodates 6 big boats (24 meters length) or 9 small boats (up to 11 meters length)
    3. equipped with a refueling area for ships (water "20000 Liters capacity" - Diesel fuel "20000 Liters capacity")
    4. (50) small fishing boats to be used for fishing in lakes (7:11 meters lengths) equipped with 40 horsepower engines. (65 boats are scheduled to be received)