The company has inaugurated a number of outlets in the Greater Cairo region in order to advertise and distribute its products. Moreover, New markets are being inaugurated allover Egypt

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# Outlet name Outlet address
1 Al-Tagneed Next to Al-Tagneed bridge. Masr Algadeeda - Alhelmeya
2 Al-Fardous Inside the Armed forces officers' city (Al-Fardous city - 6th of October city - Giza)
3 Al-Mostaqbal Inside the Armed forces officers' city (Al- Mostaqbal city - Haykstep area)
4 Ettaba Down Mostafa Annahas Street, next to the bus station and market - Nasr city
5 Mostafa Annahas Mostafa Annahas Street, next to Nasr city's eastern quarters
6 Al-Mithaq Al-Mithaq street - Zahraa Nasr city
7 Al-sahel Al shamaly Kilo 125, Alex - Matrouh highway

Commercial chains where you can find our products
Hyper 1
Badr Markets
Sun Mall

The company owns a fleet of mobile cars equipped with refrigerators to work as mobile outlets (29) types of vehicles that are maneuvered in the regions to cover the needs and demands of the neighborhoods and regions of Greater Cairo of fresh and frozen fish, and the plan is to increase the fleet to (60) vehicles

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# Vending trucks Governorate Areas of operation
1 1 Cairo Maspero Television Building
Ramsis square
El Esaaf square
2 1 Cairo Rod El Farag
El Mazallat
3 1 Cairo El-Sayeda Zainab
El Sayeda Eisha
Daher / El-Abaseya
4 1 Cairo Al Hadayek square
Armed Forces Medical Complex in Kobry El Qobba
Al Gamea square / New Cairo
5 1 Cairo Shorouk
Tagamoa (The settlement)
6 1 Cairo Seventh district
El Sekka El Hadid SC
Al Azhar University
7 1 Cairo Mansheya Nasir
El Dweika
8 1 Cairo Al Amiriyyah
Al Matariyyah
9 1 Cairo Military departments and authorities
10 1 Cairo Ain Shams
Ezbet EL Nakhal
El Marg
11 1 Cairo Ahmed Helmy
El moasasa
12 1 Giza El Sheikh Zayed – October
El Hosary square – October
13 1 Giza Dokki
El Bohoos
Giza square
14 1 Giza Faisal
Al-Marioteya – Al Haram